I am Jimmy Grima


10 true facts about me


  1. I am an artist.
  2. I often choose collaborative methods in creating works (apart from my drawings which are usually done with 0.4mm fine-liners).
  3. I am the co-founder of the rubberbodies collective where I create and produce art through a collaborative method.
  4. I have created works for theatre and dance; and worked in unconventional spaces such as museums, the harbor and heritage sites.
  5. I am born (1983) in Malta and am currently living in Amsterdam and working in between.
  6. I studied Theatre and Digital Art at Dartington College of Arts.
  7. I worked in  Art Departments on film creating graphics for sets and I would like to do it more often.
  8. I am a sailor and my father is a hunter (I am not).
  9. I have an alter ego who  lives on a tiny island.
  10. I have an email address info@jimmygrima.com and an instagram