KEROGEN (2020)

The Sun (NASA)

Stone double bed figures from Brochtorff-Xaghra Circle.Malta (c.2500 BC)

A nurse with a woman in a chair in the forest, probably in connection with the healthy outdoor air, 1909. (Het Leven, Spaarnestad)

Miner on an underground floor, Limburg (1947) (AKL 470203/16 De Mijnen, Nederlands Fotomuseum)

Figure 30 in "Nuclear Energy And The Fossil Fuels" by M. King Hubbert (1956)

A flooded farm (1963-1965) in Overijssel (source: Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau)

'Oliefontein' Oil Foundatin (November 9, 1976 Location: Drenthe, Schoonebeek

The Gas Molecule / The Slochter Molecule was placed in 2009 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of this natural gas discovery in Groningen

Screen-shot from a goggle-map. Yellow pins  are man made earthquakes from gas extraction  and the blue pins the dolmens of Drenthe

Detail from "Vision 1" (the Kerogen Codex)