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Interview 1 - January 2020

Hello Ira, Here are the answers and a picture. Let me know if you want longer answers/more info, etc. 

  2. Where are you now?

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico


  1.  What is your current art practice?

I am mostly working on a tree-to-bar chocolate project, which means that from the ingredients of the Mexican jungle, we make chocolate bars. It is very beautiful because it connects the environment, chocolate making and the community. (here is Alkymia’s page- I.M.) I also practice yoga which keeps my body happy and alive. 


  1.  What is the rubberbodies collective for you?

The rubberbodies collective is an evolving family. It is a group of artists scattered all over the planet who at different moments come together to make, erase, rewrite, search, lose and dream.


  1.  What is lined up in the near future?

I am currently in the process of working on a solo piece in parallel with two other artists here in Mexico who are also making individual pieces. We often feel stranded in our creative processes and sharing it, creates questions and looking for answers, nourishes it .


  1.  Anything else you want to share/tell/show/preach (smart or mundane; the last link you watched – article- book – horoscope – love message)


Here is a quote from an Argentinian singer/songwriter Atahualpa Yupanqui:Lo que dentra a la cabeza – De la cabeza se vaLo que dentra al corazón – Se queda y no se va más.(What enters the head, leaves from the head what enters the heart stays and doesn’t leave anymore.)

Collaborator and part of



“…jien is-soltu nħares lejn il-qamar. Għax il-qamar, meta jkun ġej maltemp ikollu l-qiegħa. Jekk ikun ġej ftit ikollu ftit. Mhux ikun ċar bħal ma hija l-bozza imma jkollu qiegħa miegħu. Sinjali li jkun hemm xi riħ. Imma dan kellu qiegħa imma jien peress li kont flgħaxija għall-għasafar, mort u ma ħaristx ’l hemm. Li niżel… mhux taqtir niżel. Qisu bil-bramel. Però kien hemm tmien trombi fuq il-baħar. Ngħidulhom ‘bżieżel tal-ajru’. Beżżul meta tkun sħaba u tniżżilha hekk.” 

Dutch windmill facing the flood of 1926

Outsiders Looking In

he remembers a passage in his school textbook called The Legend of Holland. The centre character is a young boy from the countryside who turns to be a national hero after saving the country from flooding by blocking a leak in the dam with his finger and staying there for days and nights before he was found and the dam was fixed. My father says this story is imprinted in his mind and this is how he sees Holland. I said it’s the Netherlands now

Gates and Gatekeepers

So at the gates of the airport, I found myself thinking about gates and gatekeepers. I often find myself pondering about various aspects of cultural policy especially when I visit the micro-cosmos of the Maltese scene.

Working in the Glory Machine

I have worked with Billy Mullaney since 2018, in the role of a live video editor (on-stage). In the Glory Machine, we see an ensemble of 6 performers including Billy (and excluding me). They are executing a series of 75 shots which is being made life for the audience.

Back to Partying in the Blackbox

I am in the black box “after several Covid-postponements”. I can finally experience watching a performance collectively as part of an audience. “It feels like there’s still much to discover about the work, and I’m excited to share it with a home crowd and open up some dialogues about the experience of it.” Ira writes in her mail-shot before the Amsterdam premiere at Frascati of LIKE THE PARTY HAS BEEN CANCELLED