100 : Ave | Eva | Summer | Winter (2010)

Dock One, Malta. 27 November 2010. Duration: 50 minutes; performance installation

100: Ave|Eva|Summer|Winter showcased at Dock One, in Malta, a reclaimed derelict dockside building that was originally built in 1848 by the British Forces and that was the largest dock available to the Royal Navy. The dock and the surrounding area at the time of the performance was under development as part of a general trend towards the rehabilitation of harbour areas. 

Using the seasons of Summer and Winter as chapters, 100: Ave|Eva|Summer|Winter is a dark and surreal non-verbal visual theatre performance exploring the subjects of love and gender. The cast of five performers are presented with an array of highly stylized costumes and props. 

photos: the rubberbodies collective

“You walk into a world that’s a million miles from common theatrical stereotypes, and find yourself in a state of semi-darkness that’s immediately evocative of something quite spectacularly out of the norm.”

A Striking Collaboration, The Sunday Times, November 28, 2010 
Jimmy Grima 

Rebecca Camilleri 
Ira Melkonyan 
Anika Martinez 
Ada Wendy Moira 
Sean Decelis 

Sound Designer & Composer 
Mario Sammut 

Visual Artist and Costume Designer 
Matthew Pandolfino 

Grand Harbour Regeneration Consortium 

Funded by 
Malta Arts Fund