A short dance for film presenting a parody of the Maltese pastime of sitting inside vehicles at various locations around the island of Malta. 

Over the weekend, the coastlines and coastal car parks of Malta become populated by vehicles that often host whole families, groups of friends, or couples. The car is the living environment, and the landscape is only a spectacle. EUR:908 is a site-specific dance video project created around the theme of self-entrapment. The film represents the car as a transparent and safe, yet restrained and mundane habitat that one chooses to adopt. The surrounding landscape is perceived visually and is considered to be out of their control; despite being isolated from it, we want to be a part of this romantic and unpredictable natural world.

Year 2011 
Genre contemporary dance narrative 
duration 7 minutes 
Director Anthony Askew 
Performers Rebecca Camilleri Ellen Pillow 
Visual Artist and Costume Designer Matthew Pandolfino 
DOP Anthony Askew 
Supported by Malta Arts Fund 

stills from EUR:908