Mrs. Stork & the Mysterious Egg

2013. Duration: 30 minutes.
Commission of ŻiguŻajg Arts Festival for Children & Young People, Malta
Non-Verbal; For ages 4-6 years

The Rubberbodies Collective invites human beings to leave behind the world of grown-ups and come on an adventure to a totally different world. A place of puzzling machines and curious puzzles. A place where Mrs Stork – a creator of curious machines – and her friends, have embarked on a quest to solve another of her mysteries! Where did this egg come from and where is the missing piece to her latest machine? 

photo Rubberbodies

photos Elisa Von Brockdorff

Animation Still © Rubbebrodies

Jimmy Grima 

Karl Caruana

Rebecca Camilleri 
Jimmy Grima

Sound Designer & Composer 
Mario Sammut 

Puppets, Props and Costumes 
Matthew Pandolfino 

Matthew Pandolfino

Animations and Projections 
Jimmy Grima 

Project Manager
Nicole Blackman