This investigation is around the different (hi)stories and types of explosions – military, ceremonial, creative, and criminal – from fireworks to bombs on the island of Malta. The Island is

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During his master’s studies at DAS Theatre, Jimmy developed a significant research interest in the notion of archives and archiving and their politics. And acquired a set of specific skills

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My father together with his father-in-law on the trapping site. Photographed by my mother, il-Qrendi, Malta (ca 1977)


Song of a Bird Song of a Bird (S.O.A.B.) is an ongoing research project, which has to date, comprised live performances, an audio-visual installation and a continuing contribution to an

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Collage by J Grima


HUMAN-MADE EARTHQUAKES AKA KEROGEN VOICES With an ‘island consciousness, looking at the world from the shoreline of Malta at the Southern margin of the EU, Jimmy Grima & the rubberbodies

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Saddled Seabream Weather-vane in Exiles area Sliema, Malta


Across the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo, long-held customs and beliefs connect those who live there to the winds that blow across the archipelago. Natural phenomena and cultural practices

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