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 a summary

I am Jimmy Grima, an artist-curator born in Malta and based in Amsterdam. I have a great affinity with non-artistic experts collaborating with artists; oral knowledge and its transmission, collective memory and nostalgia, identity and the relationship between human and nature are my main points of interests. In leading the rubberbodies collective (2009) I have acquired experience in leading complex multidisciplinary projects and working with various groups artists and non-artists. I have ventured in initiating collaborations with institutions, NGO’s and local communities, at that time still new territories in the fields of curating. As from 2018 I am a resident artist-curator at DASArts, Amsterdam, Netherlands. I am digging deeper in the notions of the archives, oral transmission, memory and the histories of curatorial practises and frameworks around these themes. The feedback method of DAS is a tool to give insights in the development phase for artistic and curatorial ideas, projects and frameworks. I aspire for Malta to be a first (an avant-garde) in cross-fertilising the South with the North while nourishing its unique local culture with its innuendos of ancient cultural practices, the sea which surrounds it, the language and the knowledge which survived the centuries on the island.