This investigation is around the different (hi)stories and types of explosions – military, ceremonial, creative, and criminal – from fireworks to bombs on the island of Malta. The Island is a place where various stories deserve further contemplation. From one of the most bombarded places on Earth after World War


During his master’s studies at DAS Theatre, Jimmy developed a significant research interest in the notion of archives and archiving and their politics. And acquired a set of specific skills in archival science and research;  how to preserve, store, index, catalogue and, most importantly, transmit these stories and the knowledge

Saddled Seabream Weather-vane in Exiles area Sliema, Malta


Across the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo, long-held customs and beliefs connect those who live there to the winds that blow across the archipelago. Natural phenomena and cultural practices have been interlinked for millennia, from ringing church bells to soothe violent gales to using cats to read the winds

My father together with his father-in-law on the trapping site. Photographed by my mother, il-Qrendi, Malta (ca 1977)


Song of a Bird Song of a Bird (S.O.A.B.) is an ongoing investigation, which has, to date, comprised live performances, an audio-visual installation and a continuing contribution to a repository of cultural practice. It is the fruit of a collaboration between the artist and his father and a micro-community of

Collage by J Grima


HUMAN-MADE EARTHQUAKES AKA KEROGEN VOICES With an ‘island consciousness, looking at the world from the shoreline of Malta at the Southern margin of the EU, Jimmy Grima & the rubberbodies collective set out to a transnational artistic exploration of European identity in the year 2020, which draws connections between man-made