An introduction to the DasArts Archive

A record for a record.

The process of gaining access to an archive, of searching through a potpourri of memory, and decoding the fragments and connections therein is an act that leaves its own traces.

In this volume, Jimmy Grima collates his process and discoveries as well as excerpts of interviews he conducted in his search for the 20 VHS tapes that Goran Sergej Pristaš and Ritsaert ten Cate watched that night in 1989.

An Introductory Guide to the DASArts Archive is a lasting record from 2020, containing images and descriptions of what lay uncovered in an attic and what was awakened in personal memory. These elements are intertwined with the artist’s reflections on how we store what we think we know; the act of preserving details, names and thoughts for posterity.

What remains very precious about this for me is that it was an intra-community affair.  What came out of this research is a lot of filling in the gaps for myself, for the archive and for those who came to visit me.